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FactsFinder.com provides internet tools that will enable your  business or organization to order searches, drug tests, or skills tests and assessments 24X7x365 thus giving you full control.  If you want to be "out of the loop" for any reason, we can manage screenings and testing for you. 

Fundamental Principals of our business:

  • The "Golden Rule" sums up our business ethos.
  • All information including clients' names are kept confidential.
  • No  "spam" generated here.

Our company was established in 1996 and had been responsible for providing outstanding background verification services ever since. Our specialty is in verifying the information that applicants, job candidates, employees,  temporaries, contractors, vendors and volunteers convey to you.  Why?  Because many people stretch the truth or simply lie. 

BBB Accredited Business of  Better Business Bureau of Alaska, Oregon and Western  Washington since 1996,